Exotic Pets

10 Of The Most Expensive Exotic Pets (9)

Keeping a bobcat as a pet? Many websites and organizations could be appalled on the mere thought of owning such an ‘unique pet’, exclaiming that these animals all belong within the wild” and that conserving one in a home setting is clear animal cruelty.

Leigh Anne is right. It’s a disgrace that your want for a cute, unique unique trumps the countless causes that these animals should be given the respect to be left wild. I’m sorry her response to you wan’t authentic- the lack of originality may have to do with the basis in truth. Sometimes when you hold listening to one thing it is because YOU NEED TO LISTEN.

Special interest animal rights teams usually cite how large the legal (and unlawful) wildlife commerce is, and how it’s a ‘billion dollar business’. They will declare that exotic pets are taken from the wild to provide the U.S. pet trade, and once more, that could be a half truth, although accumulating from the wild will not be improper when completed sustainably.

The web is an incredible resource that wasn’t obtainable in the past to exotic animal homeowners. They used to need to rely on the library and being fortunate sufficient to know individuals who labored with their species. Exotic pet forums give prospective pet house owners the opportunity to study from people who have years of expertise. While care sheets (together with mine that are posted on this site) are helpful, they’re no substitute for actual life experience. Consult with those that’ve owned the animals, and if they have had several of the species, that’s more supreme. Once once more, particular person animals might be very unique to one another!

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums appears for extra than just ‘are you caring for your animal properly and are your enclosures secure and protected?’ The AZA seems to be at educational signs, which species they allow to be displayed, customer accommodations, and aesthetic parts of the power. They will also decide how one can run your animal interaction applications (or if) based on what they consider is ‘constructive’ in a modern zoo.