Animal Jam

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Animal JamThis Memorial Day weekend, Animal Jam will probably be held at Rainbow Beach on St. Croix’s west end, benefiting the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center. The occasion will take place this Sunday, May 29 from 1 to eight p.m. Musical leisure will include Gato Loco & Santa Cruz Blues, in addition to Nashville’s Tommy Spurlock.

Hard as this is to imagine, you’ll be able to truly develop a connection with mice, similar to you can with cats and dogs. They turn out to be your good friend. They get excited by the sound of your voice and odor of your skin. They get ‘sad’ when you go away. I’m positive you’ll be able to see from the picture of Lady and me that there is more to having a pet mouse than just cleansing out soiled sawdust every day!

Probably even more mysterious than the Alphas are Zios and Mira. Old data seem to say they were married, however that dosen’t make sense. According to my tales, they’re the first King and Queen of Jamaa. They had been never married, but had been chosen for their place. We know for positive Mira was a Stork, but as for Zios it’s unclear. All we ever see is his mask, so I assumed he is most likely a lion in my stories. Zios died in the last main Phantom Battle, but Mira apparently is still alive. Here is an outdated description written by AJHQ. It doesn’t fit in with new information, so it’s not really true.Animal Jam

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So far, I have not seen a mouse. Only what appears to be mouse (and I’m hoping mouse as a result of the choice would cause me to go away the house, screaming) droppings. I may also hear noises. A lot of noises coming from inside my kitchen cabinets. Glass, metallic, scratching… I am hoping that mice are this rowdy and it isn’t rats. The droppings have been dark, small…a bit larger than a grain of rice.