Exploring Discovery Park (4)

A day after TVwithThinus reported that Discovery Networks’ Discovery World (DStv 187) channel seems to be like a gonner on DStv, the channel is indeed abruptly going to go darkish and being taken away within days at the end of March, changed with Discovery Family on one other DStv channel quantity.

Hey Lori, Thanx for the heads up!..Its great your pushing the Arts. Sometimes buried treasure lay in our own backyards, people generally don’t see that. Glad you have got! : – eh! That’s it people. The Hingham Bound sequence is complete. I hope you loved the story as much as I loved telling it. When studying to drive a truck, Grand Pa mentioned hold it between the ditches and I’ll be alright. The same is true with different stuff as well reminiscent of theisms.

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