One of probably the most infuriating criticisms relating to my ownership of pure state animals is this notion that I am by some means being cruel as a result of my pets are wholesome and physically fit.

Blue tilapia have unfold all through Florida, in both freshwater and brackish environments, and have established a presence in Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park. They create giant nest craters in shallow waters about 2 feet (0.sixty one m) broad, visibly altering native plant communities and impeding the spawning of native fishes. Sources Lodge, p. 244. Simberloff, et al. p. 343. Oreochromis aureus, U.S. Geological Survey (March 25, 2009). Retrieved on February 6, 2010.

I know I’m missing some other giant bears such because the Spectacled bear and the Sun Bear however their causes for not being included are the identical, however, if you feel they deserve a spot, perhaps for some motive that I actually have not acknowledged (perhaps you’re an professional on the Sun Bear), then please leave a remark and I will add it to the record.

There are many sites online that do that, and all of them attempt to persuade the reader that it’s harmful to hold exotic animals in captivity, which is not unlike the techniques of the heavily criticized webpage that advocates breed specific legislation. But as a result of there are far more bully breed house owners than exotic mammal house owners, few have bothered to examine the claims being made about them.

Reply: Endangered hookbills are often brought up for example of how the pet trade affects wild populations, but they are one of the only examples. Most captive exotics don’t threaten wild populations in any method, and parrots are in trouble mainly attributable to human encroachment and destruction of their habitat, which affects successful nesting. The illegal pet trade alone (which is essentially the most outstanding outside of the USA) is just icing on the cake towards the issue, and banning these birds as pets alone is not going to resolve it.

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