Dragon Nest, like different online video games, also boasts a pet system that allows players to have their very own personal companions other than mounts. These pets aren’t only for the present, as they go around with you and loot gadgets in dungeons in addition to provide you with further stats as they stage. (Yes, these pets additionally get EXP from leveling.) If you worry that your inventory may get flooded with loots nonetheless, simply set the minimum item grade your pet will loot and viola, you won’t be having problems anymore.

So I’ve had my rabbit for 5 months and she is crazy and maybe bipolar. I will literally just be sitting there doing nothing at all and she is going to come up and bite me really hard for no motive and he or she growls all the time! I even have sooooo many scars on my face and physique, I look like I was in a car accident. But I do not wanna get rid of her cuz I love her too much and she or he may be sweet sometimes. But im not exzadurating (can’t spell) when I say I get bitten not less than 1-2times a day by this rabbit! And they hurt worse cuz she hates her chew toys which can be suppose to grind her teeth down. Ugh, help! What should I do?!

This would make sense if we had been talking a few store-bought turtle or a turtle that was saved in really poor dwelling conditions. Why did I embrace retailer-purchased turtles? Because there is a danger of a pet turtle getting a disease from another pet turtle, however this will solely happen if my turtle has come in contact with others, and it has not. It has lived a solitary life thus far and has been kept in a clean habitat. This leads me to the subsequent dilemma.

I actually have a snapping turtle that I discovered my neighbors chewing on final 12 months. He needed to have just hatched as a result of he was no greater than the palm of my hand. I took him in and have been taking care of him ever since. Its been somewhat over a 12 months now and he is simply too massive and too snappy for me to take care of anymore. I wish to set him free however concern that he wont make it because of the cold weather setting in and winter just across the corner. I dwell in Taunton Ma and want to set him free at Massasoit state park where I all the time see other snappers striving. Should I wait till spring or do it now? Please help.

Ciscokid – no worries. Yeah, it’s all the time greatest to ask your vet, preferably one who’s into different and pure therapies. Some of them do get paid to promote the topical (chemical-heavy) flea products and personally, I will never use it again. Good luck sooner or later with your kitty who has most cancers. Have an amazing day.

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