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Adorable Meerkats! (10)

Animals have all the time had an excellent impression on people, from the pets we maintain dear to the livestock that help feed us, to searching animals for sport and food to conservation of endangered species, to animal analysis, and animal rights to leisure and trade, to medical and veterinary science.

I used Konos during 10 years of dwelling schooling my children – who are actually grown with youngsters of their very own who’re also beginning house schoolers. Konos blesses the complete household in ways you cannot imagine that transcend teachers. Thank you for this wonderful lens. Very thorough and informative! And it brings back fond memories.

The animal rights/anti-exotic technique is predicated virtually solely on appeals to emotion, which is why I’ve at all times appreciated the nicely-researched, effectively-documented, level-headed approach through which you often make your arguments. If you employ derogatory nicknames, not solely do you sink to their level, but it surely gives them something to deal with aside from the content of your arguments.

PETA has reportedly thrown red paint on people wearing fur coats. This is mindless, because the animals have already been killed for this coat. Now you’ve got destroyed it and the owner will most likely just buy one other one, thus giving extra assist for the very thing you have been trying to protest in opposition to in the first place.

I absolutely LOVE making dioramas. I sit up for those assignments coming residence from school. I did one for undersea animals and we glued dried coffee grinds to the underside because the under-sea filth. We used an aquarium again-drop for the again of the box (of course, my aquarium was with no back for a number of days. It was SO enjoyable getting creative and considering outdoors of the ‘box’! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this lens!