If you’re ever in my neck of the woods here in Northern Arizona, I encourage you to explore the many wonders of the Coconino National Forest.

From the angle of scale adjusted pace, the Cheetah is not the fastest land animal. If you scale the animal’s speed primarily based on weight, then the quickest creature could be the ant – coming in at just over 6 million miles per hour! If you scale the animal’s pace based mostly on length, then the fastest creature could be the rabbit coming in with a scaled top velocity of 321 miles per hour. Based on the number of body lengths that the animals could actually travel during a short period of time, the rabbit would even be the fastest clocking in at 4400 body lengths per minute.

The Cockatiel is likely one of the world’s most popular pet birds, second solely to another Australian native, the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus). Cockatiels within the wild are grey, but the Cockatiel within the park that day was white. White is a typical morph of captive-bred birds. Cockatiels are additionally birds of the arid and semi-arid areas, a good distance away from Melbourne. It’s nearly sure that the hen that was virtually killed by the Hobby in the park that day had escaped from an aviary.

With the injury executed by the earthquake and tsunami on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, there was concern concerning radioactive water effecting the encircling sea water and the various population of sea creatures that dwell there. Fortunately experts say that as a result of dilution of the contaminated water, this won’t be an area of nice concern. While ocean life very near the location may be in some danger, animals more than a half mile away are unlikely to be greatly effected.

With Simon’s younger age we wanted to get him concerned in dog training to assist him study his obedience skills and supply him with a problem for his obvious intelligence. We hoped that together with his light nature he would turn out to be a therapy dog. We enrolled him in our Renaissance Program , and Simon developed a particular bond with Ron, his scholar coach at Totem Town. Like Simon, Ron was long legged and lively. And like Simon, underneath a troublesome exterior Ron was gentle hearted and caring.

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