Exotic Pets

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For this record, we’ll only be looking at bizarre, strange, uncommon, or uncommon pets, however we will likely be drawing the line at livestock as a result of those animals are a list for another day.

An act of rare unique pet acceptance perhaps? It’s probably that an ‘vital person upstairs’ or their close affiliate has owned the animals and was in a position to put in a great word for them, further revealing the politics behind the existence of pet bans and why people must endure (living) property rights denial because the legislators don’t have any experience with their desired animals.

Cfin- I don’t find out about that. Chimps are extraordinarily strong, and in a hypothetical situation in the event that they have been the size of small monkeys, they may very well be ‘managed’ simply. No animals must ‘submit’, that’s just for certain species which have a natural hierarchical mindset. One doesn’t drive to submit ferrets, cats, birds, ect. They have different relationships with their keepers. The chimp attacks listed reveal that assaults were carried out against individuals who weren’t within the chimp’s hierarchy.

I even have an opportunity to aquire one or more bobcat kittens. As a toddler I at all times needed a big cat as a pet, and the desire never really went away. A cougar was my prime infantile choice. I am now a (Semi) mature adult. This is just not something I wish to bounce into without researching, however there may be additionally a time constraint on availability. The timing shouldn’t be excellent, however pretty good, as I presently have no different pets (that is uncommon for me).

Whether you have got just bought a brand new unique pet or you are in search of a brand new Atlanta animal hospital to treat the one that you love animals, we would be pleased to offer you care. From behavioral and nutritional counseling to wing-clipping, nail filing, and beak trimming, we’ve got your needs lined. If your fowl or exotic pet is exhibiting any signs of sickness, please name us in the present day at (404) 584-7478 or bring your animal in for emergency care!