It is natural that someone likes animals and everyone has different pets. In order for a pet to feel at home and feel well maintained, then there are some tips that can be done are:

  1. Choose a pet that is free from disease and not a beast.
  2. Give him a special Animal Shed to keep his warmth and he feels comfortable. Do not forget to clean the Shape Cage
  3. Make sure the age of a pet over 2 months, because at the age of 2 months, the pet has begun independently and is not dependent on its mother milk.
  4. Give your pet a vaccination to prevent diseases that often attack animals. It is also able to avoid transmission of disease to the owners of pets.
  5. Diligent check the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and anus. Make sure all his body condition is always clean and bright.
  6. Organize your diet. Do not be too frequent and give him plenty to eat because it will make him vomit.
  7. Come to the Veterinarian once every 3 months to check your animal health.
  8. Batik your pet to keep clean. Do not forget to use a special bath products for animals in order to maintain and maintain the beauty of feathers and appearance.

Here’s an explanation of the things that need to be considered from our pets.

Animal Condition

When choosing a pet, make sure the animal is in good health. Also note the age of the animal when buying, buy already not breastfeed their parent or an adult age because the animals are grown have good endurance compared to young or suckling on its mother. Usually an adult animal can live independently, so as not easily affected by the disease.


Like humans, animals also need healthy food. In addition, animals also need food that suits their needs. For example a cat requires fish. Fish require worms, small insects, or pellets. Regular feeding schedules for example in the morning, afternoon and evening. In addition we also need to know which foods are suitable for pets. Usually each animal has a different type of food.

Cage Making

A good enclosure for pets is a far cry from the noise. Rabbits are easily stressful animals in the midst of crowds. Make a rabbit cage with bamboo material, this is to make it easier for rabbits to adapt to their new environment well. Hutch good position is to avoid the sun, parts of footwear made with holes that rabbit droppings fall directly to the bottom without trampled by hares. Also away from cages from other pets such as cats, dogs or chickens.

Cage Cleaning

Keep the cage always kept clean. The condition of the cage should always be clean so as not to smell the dirt. Clean the cage from the dirt at least once a day so that the pet feels comfortable in the cage. For example if we keep fish. The aquarium should we once a week. Moss and dirt attached to the aquarium wall should be cleaned. Water in an aquarium must also be replaced frequently. The dirty water becomes turbid and smelly. Water is not good for fish life.

Likewise if we keep chickens. Every day the cage should always be cleaned. Chicken manure can be dumped to become fertilizer. The dirt container is always replaced every day. Chicken feeding also needs to be washed.


Pet care also needs to be done for the fur and nails. Suppose you need to trim the fur of rabbits every 4 months to help the growth of new feathers. Cut the long rabbit’s nail section. Perform regular rabbit checks on your veterinarian so you know the condition of rabbit health well. In addition vaccination also needs to be done on certain animals. Vaccination is done so that pets are not infected by diseases from other animals.

Treating Animals with Compassion

Animals also need affection. Animals will look happy if you treat them with love. For example a cat. When stroked, the cat will look like it. When fed, a cat’s tail will be waved as a token of gratitude. So, treating a pet with affection is very important. This can affect the survival of pets. Every animal needs a good treatment from humans. We should not treat animals arbitrarily.