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Exotic Pet Stories In The News (7)

A cellphone name away, veterinary college students assist homeowners work by means of the heartache of dropping a beloved animal companion. Read the full story.

In December 2003, a 10-12 months-previous North Carolina boy named Clayton James Eller was shoveling snow at his aunt’s house in Millers Creek, when he obtained too near the cage of her pet, a 400-pound Bengal tiger. The animal dragged Clayton under the chain-hyperlink fence and into its cage, mauling the boy. Clayton’s uncle, listening to his scream, dashed to the boy’s rescue, making an attempt to get the tiger to relent. When that failed, he ran again into the house, retrieved his gun, and shot the tiger. In the end, each the boy and the tiger died.

It’s necessary to begin any sugar glider off with a bonding pouch. You could make one yourself or you should buy one already made. At first firmly rub the outside of the pouch and let the little sugar glider inside get used to you. As it will get used to you, begin placing your fingers contained in the pouch and rub the sugar glider. Don’t be frightened if it nips somewhat or will get upset if you contact it. Just keep it up and be firm and in no time at all your sugar glider will be used to you.

The subsequent morning I returned her to Exotic Pets hoping they might work with me. I spoke to Jim again and he merely stated they don’t guarantee arachnids and there was nothing he could do for me. I was upset that he would not work with me contemplating I bought her lower than 24 hours previous to her dying. I would have been pleased with a alternative spider or perhaps a discounted substitute. Unfortunately, I’m headed again to LA with no new Tarantula.

In the unique pet context, some owners have argued that regulations depriving them of their pets represent a taking of their animal for the public welfare, and that they should obtain simply compensation for his or her loss. Just as in equal safety and due process challenges, courts have sided with the state or municipality, and have not seen these laws as takings requiring compensation.

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