I actually have to come clear. I love pet rats. Of all of the animals I’ve had in my life, rats are some of the best. If you are already sold on rats as pets, your next step is to decide which gender(s) to get. This generally is a powerful selection, especially for those who’re solely planning to have one cage.

Earlier this year I purchased a small animal carrier at our local pet retailer that I simply love. The prime half is metallic mesh and the bottom half is sturdy plastic. The two halves come together in such away that it would be very onerous for the rats to discover a place to start out chewing. It’s not sufficiently big for rats to reside in for an prolonged time period, but it works nice for trips to the vet, etc.

You might want to provide your rat with a nest field that he can disguise in to sleep. You can discover gadgets on the pet retailer equivalent to massive igloos, chinchilla bathhouses, roll-a-nest beds, ferret ball connectors, roll-a-nest balls, and log cabin houses amongst others. On a more creative facet you should use plastic bowls turned upside down with a large gap drilled in it, 4” PVC pipe, sturdy cardboard packing containers, and even plastic storage bins with holes notched into them. There are many possibilities.

Your pet dumbo rat loves treats, however he’ll even find it irresistible more when their placed in deal with holders. They could be as simple as an simply chewed into container the place they will get to their deal with. This doesn’t only make your pet rat’s cage look fancy, nevertheless it additionally serves to present your pet rat just a little challenge and might therefore work to stimulate him mentally.

Here in Louisiana there are solely 6 forms of toxic or venomous snakes and a large number of non-poisonous ones. My husband has been curious about reptiles since he was a child and his Mother used to take him to Fountainbleau State Park in Mandeville and the Gulf Coast. It was commonplace process to go looking him earlier than he was allowed within the car for the journey residence.