Coming to you from the guts of the Redwoods in Arcata, California, we’re a real pet provide store, not a division of some larger company. Our retailer has been open since 1972, and we’ve got been promoting pet provides on the web continuously since 1997. We are proud that so many pet house owners from everywhere in the world return to us again and again for their supply wants, the whole lot from specialty pet foods to collars, grooming provides, dog and cat toys, and many others, and we hope you’ll develop into one among them!

Some of that is so incredibly wrong that it hurt to learn. Plastic can kill chinchillas. Having two chinchillas can cause fights if the chinchillas you get aren’t either really young or have been collectively already for a long time. Ugh. And even younger cage mates can begin preventing when older, meaning you need to get a whole other cage WITH NO PLASTIC.

That was nice info I have now realized that my AA frog is a feminine and I even have had her for 6yr I originally had 3 however 2 died. I had no thought they might get this large. I have all the time fed her Live blk worms as a result of the pink ones seem to dirty the tank. I just buy yesterday a ten gallon tank as a result of she is big.. Thanks for the information I will now educate myself as a result of I actually love my frog.

Hi Christina! Why do you assume your Bettas are sad? It feels like you might be doing a really nice job! Watch out for indicators of stress and illness, and take a look at to not interpret their behaviors as completely happy or unhappy. The goal is to keep your fish wholesome and keep them in a humane way. It sounds like you’re doing that very nicely. Unless you see signs of trouble I wouldn’t worry.

Bettas which are burdened because of poor water high quality, other illness, improper feeding, or proximity to different fish are more likely to be attacked by Ich. One of the perfect issues you are able to do to stop Ich is to maintain your betta completely happy and stress-free. Make positive of this stuff and you’ll most likely never see Ich again!

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