Giving Your Pet Some Dog Treats The pet treats are quite important. Surely, they can be huge assets when you give them at the right time. When you would find this hard that the pooch will not listen or follow you after providing such treat, then you should know that there could be something wrong with the reason or the timing. In order to help you practice the right time to give this to your pet, here are some of the guidelines which can solve all of the confusion and would help you in administering the dog treat easily with all the good results. You should know that giving the treats in between meals is the most excellent time. You should keep in mind that you must not include treats together with dog food. You must find the liking and taste of the dog and select a treat that your dog will really enjoy. Also, it is very helpful when you would train the dog. Also, the treat won’t work as one tool to motivate the pet if you would give this right after such meals. You should make sure that you give such treat between the meals as well as not immediately before or following the meals. One of the best techniques to give the treat is that you hold such into your hand between the first two fingers as well as the thumb. You must allow the dog to sniff through such to find that it is there. The golden rule is make the dog’s nose, mouth and ears follow. You must first begin with the nose of the dog which is highly rewarding since you are appealing to the very important part of the brain.
The Beginners Guide To Dogs (From Step 1)
If the dog is going to sniff and become interested, you must then slowly lift the treat on the height of the dog’s nose and then move such slowly on the head and then to the shoulders. The goal would be to make such dog sit and lower the shoulders back and lift the head up.
Learning The Secrets About Treats
You have to lift the dog treat slowly and easily so that the nose of your dog would follow in your hand. When the dog would jump at your hand, you then have to take this away. The next thing that you need to is to have the treat hand closer to its head. If one begins to follow the treat with the nose as well as the eyes together and put the butt to the floor, you must then ask the dog to sit down and offer the treat slowly. You must not overexcite the pet as one can lose the lesson because of the chaos.

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