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Another legendary dwelling dinosaur is Emela-ntouka, known to the Pygmy tribes in Central Africa. With a name meaning killer of elephants”, this is a formidable beast that the Pygmies give a wide berth. Like Mokele Mbembe and many of the others it’s stated to be an aquatic creature, comparable in dimension and stature to a rhinoceros. However, there aren’t any recognized species of rhino in that part of Africa matching the one-horned description.

Much like the trendy Great White, Megalodon was most likely an ambush predator that took its prey by surprise, either from below or by approaching at nice speeds. This would have meant it was a very energetic shark, not some lumbering giant just like the Whale Shark. It was a coastal shark, searching offshore. Again, like our modern Great White.

I have not checked as yet, the rest of the whale family. As I am working from lists I actually have discovered of the biggest animals on earth. I even have found different lists measuring different animals as bigger than others, so I am figuring out the ratio of length, weight,volume, mass, width and peak to build my greatest 10 largest animals on the planet.

My mother drove me to the physician as a result of I was in no condition to drive myself. The new doctor was nice and friendly but a bit young. We sat down together and I instructed her all of my signs. She was confident of what she suspected, so I was hopeful. She suspected I had Lyme Disease so ran some blood work and prescribed me some pain medication. All we might do was await the blood work.