Pet ScanYour physician has requested a PET (positron emission tomography) scan for you. This examination entails the administration of a radioactive molecule which is hooked up to glucose (sugar). Glucose is a significant supply of power within the body, however certain illness processes make use of a much better degree of glucose than regular tissue. This will enable footage to be taken revealing areas of abnormal glucose uptake. This process causes no side effects and provides solely a small dose of radiation.

PET is both a medical and research software. It is used heavily in clinical oncology ( medical imaging of tumors and the seek for metastases ), and for medical diagnosis of sure diffuse mind diseases resembling these causing numerous types of dementias. PET can be an vital analysis instrument to map regular human mind and heart function, and help drug development.

Precision, a ministry-accepted, privately run clinic, receives about $305,000 annually from the ministry to do PET scans, an amount that medical director Dr. Kevin Tracey says is not enough. Since beginning up the operation five years ago, he said insufficient funding has forced him, his workers and his wife Sue, the PET technician, to do plenty of their work unpaid.Pet Scan

Fifteen indications (diagnostic conditions or circumstances) are permitted for funding as an insured service. An indication is insured when there’s enough proof each that the PET scan will benefit the patient and that it has advantages over other testing instruments. These PET scans are paid for by the Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP).

Nuclear drugs procedures, together with PET scanning, are very protected. The scan involves an injection of a very small quantity of a radioactive materials or tracer, which is able to only stay in your body for a few hours. It gives you a small amount of further radiation but doesn’t cause any unwanted effects. The radiation dose you receive is equivalent to a number of years of natural background radiation from the normal environment.

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