Pet Rat

Rat Parenting a hundred and one (2)

A couple of days ago, considered one of my collegues requested me if I might babysit her two rats while she’s on holidays. I told her that it should not be a problem. However, I learn some scary stuff online about rats attacking, killing and consuming budgies. What?!

Yes they can, and live albino rats can be used for meals all over the place by Anchorage itself. There really aren’t any wild or feral populations of reptiles other than turtles. Not only does the chilly winter get to them, however the truth that there’s little or no daylight during the winter months also causes issues for his or her survival.

Known as the cat in sheep’s clothes, the Selkirk Rex is certainly one of only 4 cat breeds that has curly fur together with the whiskers. It is distinct from all other Rex breeds. Unlike the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, the hair of a Selkirk is of normal size and not partly missing. There are longhair and shorthair varieties. It is a big and solidly constructed breed, similar to a British Shorthair.

Hi, teaches. I get pleasure from watching movies of pet pouched rats and studying about their humorous antics, however I’m not ready to maintain one as a pet – or to keep any exotic animal as a pet, for that matter. Exotic pets require plenty of effort to take care of. My domesticated pet household is sufficient work for me! Thanks for the comment and the vote.

My ex husbands brother nearly died from Psittacosis. One of the pet budgies died and he carried it into the yard and buried it. Next thing he was in hospital with pneumonia brought on by the bacteria. There was one night time there that they did not count on him to live through the night. Thankfully he survived however it was an in depth factor. Great information here. Congratulations.