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I bought 2 female (I think) ACF’S about 7 months ago. I have them with my three rosy barbs, 1 comet, and a pair of different small fish in a eight gal. tank and they’re doing nice! 1 or both of them have laid eggs, I assume they’re eggs, they appear like white flat dots and they’re everywhere. Mostly probably they are each females and won’t be fertilized. Since shopping for them I’ve educated myself more about the frogs and acquired 55 gal. All fish are within the large tank now apart from the frogs which will go in quickly. The frogs are bigger than my rosy barbs however they do not trouble them. Lets keep are fingers crossed!!

This Lens was probably the most troublesome lenses I actually have made. I did quite a lot of research and crying to search out the data that I presented here. What I did current is just the tip of the iceberg. I only hope that I accomplished my objective which is to tell folks of those Puppy Mill horrors, so together we are able to put an finish to abuse these valuable animals go through day after day.

Goldie, shown above standing behind her classic jewelry counter, cherished what she did and infrequently reminded people that searching for out classic jewellery; handmade jewelry; and antiques or a piece of gorgeous old glassware not solely can give you a wonderful reward alternative for yourself or someone else, but you also are passing on a piece of history that may hopefully be treasured for a lot of more generations.

i really want a rabbit for my birthday, however my mother won’t get it for me as a result of she says they can odor, and their bites are horrible. Yes, i know that bites can hurt and that they can tend to scent. But is not it true that in case you clear their cages, they won’t scent? I also know that if i were to get one, and it bit me i might be terrified to select it up once more. That’s actually a particular adverse. I don’t know you probably have any tips on the good side of getting a rabbit. so, should you can…HELP! i must put up a great argument with my mother. And anybody else’s opinion is vastly appreciated. Thanks!