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What You Should Know about Learnership, Apprenticeship and Internship Learnerships are a great way of getting experience in a certain career, while at the same time getting paid. In certain areas of the world learnerships may be confused with as apprenticeships or internships. Nevertheless, each of these has a different meaning although they do have some similarities. An intricate meaning of a learnership is essentially a program that an individual attends to link the academic knowledge they have to the career or vocation of their choice during a thorough practical and theoretical training system. Learnerships link the theoretical academic work with the professional world where things are practical. Individuals become registered and qualified after successfully completing a learnership program. In South Africa, once qualified one is registered by the NQF. Usually an individual will receive a certificate to show the progress they have made up to a particular level. On the other hand, internships tend to refer to programs, which are majorly designed for individuals within degree or diploma programs, one may be finished or still pursuing the course of study. Internships come in two kinds. Some internships are paid, while others are not paid, though people still do them to gain the required skills. Internships usually go for a certain period. Internships vary in duration, some go for weeks, while others go for months. Most courses of study at the university or in higher institutions of learning require that an individual goes through an internship program as part of the completion of their study.
A Simple Plan: Learnerships
In conclusion am sure you have come across apprenticeships. In fact, they have been around for the longest time and they are not only related to the formal sector or corporate world jobs. They are also present in the informal sectors. Apprenticeship can best be applied when one is dealing with jobs like cooking, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and engineering. The learning period can take many years depending on the intensity of the program and material that needs to be learned. Some programs can take as long as four years. The type of skills and experience gained in such a program are particular to the trade and the individual stands a chance of getting employed be the person training them or better yet, starting up their own thing.
A Simple Plan: Learnerships
In a nut shell, for those individuals who have completed the twelfth grade, getting learnership jobs can be very appropriate. Apprenticeships are for those individuals who need to perfect a specific skill for a period of three to four years while internships suits those who have just completed their diplomas and degrees.

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