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Anyway, I was very nervous about including a brand new rat to the two I already have, after the disaster with Mr. Rat. I was so afraid that they would not get along and I’d end up with two cages and one lonely rat again. My rat is having a spherical black spot wound like thing from just a few weeks and he’s not feeling nicely, not eating a lot and acting very drained. dont know what to do can u help me plzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recessive trait — Their color is strong black. As infants they tend to be very dark and clear, nevertheless as they grow older most rats rust” which gives them brown spots or makes them look brownish all over.

Whiskers are extremely delicate, extra delicate than a human’s fingertips. Rats use their whiskers to navigate, steadiness, find and discriminate meals, and in social interactions with different rats. At quick distances rats use their whiskers more than their eyes to determine depth. As long as somebody is caring for the rat, the rat isn’t going to care who. Just remember that they only dwell a couple of years, so for those who had to go away, you’d miss out on your complete lifespan. No reason to get the pet rat in that case.

There are particular treats available on the market for small animals, but we normally just use bits of veggies or fruits. We’ve discovered that yogurt coated treats tend to upset rat tummies, since they are not used to digesting cow-primarily based dairy, so we keep away from these and cheese. To hold them tame and friendly, be sure that to spend ample time with them and handle them at the very least once a day.

I actually have added a photograph of a kangaroo rat here as it is lovely and does not look like the dreaded brown rat,( I suppose I might accept this little guy,) but looking at it again I think I will give it a miss. Hedgehogs are really cute! We’ve stored guinea pigs and hamster, gerbils and rabbits, however to this point – we have not taken in any hedgehogs. Maybe some day… Great lens! When we were been told that the earlier house owners had taught our Pound Pup to squirrel hunt… I tried not to snigger.

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