The number of wild animals stored as unique pets within the U.S. is astounding. Rough estimates discover that as many as 7,000 tigers are at the moment being saved as pets in U.S. backyards … that’s more than the number of tigers that exist in the wild !

Zoos and wildlife exhibitors are facing related criticism for ‘encouraging the public to keep wild pets’ based mostly on their displays of captive animals. For one thing, this mentality that we now have the inability to have minds of our own must disappear. Simply seeing an animal or watching another person handle it may foster an interest in that animal, and such an curiosity could lead to pet ownership. As lengthy as this is done correctly, this is not an issue.

I even have visited the zoo a couple of times and principally would observe Lucy standing in her somewhat small and boring enclosure, nevertheless on my final go to we saw her strolling round. This was the primary time I actually have ever seen this however apparently she goes for daily walks. The handlers advised me that they roughly allowed her to go on her personal. They did say that within the winter they have a spot where they’ll cease so she will be able to take a break and heat up but didn’t say she hated the chilly. Her massive measurement would assist her keep heat, however I am unsure if they put a blanket on her back within the winter or not.

Some cat house owners would possibly inform you that a cat is ‘much less domesticated’ than canines, as a consequence of their unbiased nature. This is totally unfaithful. As I’ve mentioned above, the concept of ‘more or less domesticated’ is invalid. Cats are DIFFERENT from dogs. Domestication has nothing to do with dog-like conduct (although just a few feline breeds are genetically more tame and passive). The domesticated cat is genetically totally different from its unique ancestor and is extra appropriate for the role humans have bred it for. That’s all it takes!

I see movies of a person on Facebook who rescues wild cats. He plays with them, even the fully grown ones, the way in which I play with my own domesticated” cat. Granted, I’m not saying an animal as powerful as a tiger or lion should be saved as a pet by everyone, particularly since many are endangered, however many unique animals are simply tamed when socialized with at a young age and treated with the love and compassion that you would deal with your cat or dog with.

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