A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

Over the past decade, pink diamond engagement rings, and pink diamond jewelry in general, has gained a rapid amount of popularity. Adding a beautiful and stunning new pink diamond into a striking engagement band adds a complete new meaning to a wedding ring, in a way that defies all standards of traditional wedding band and ring sets. No different than traditional diamond wedding band sets, you are capable of purchasing pink diamond wedding rings in different styles and cuts, it is just a matter of personal preference and what type of jewelry you are working with. Please note that conventional diamond sets, that do not have any color, are shaped and designed into cuts so that they can retain color and refract lighting in certain ways that is unique to the shape and cut of the design the jeweler has created for that particular stone.

However, when it comes to colored diamonds, and pink ones in particular, it is the special conditions in where the diamonds are found that leads to the colorization of the stone itself. Typically, a diamond turns colors while it still developing as a gemstone under the ground. In order for a gemstone to develop any amount of color, it is absolutely necessary for the gemstone to be formed in conditions that are precise and perfect for the creation of color. Colored diamonds are extremely rare, and incredibly scarce, and as a result, they are very high in value. The pink diamond is a beautiful way to showcase a striking white gold wedding band set, as the colors are subtle, yet desirable.

Choosing the right pink diamond for your engagement band is not the easiest task. After all, you want the combo to be absolutely perfect. Your pink diamond should have solid, good and consistent color of pink throughout the stone. After you inspect color, you will then need to keep the following factors in mind: carat, clarity, cut. The diamond’s size is determined by carats. Cut, clarity and color must also be considered when determining value, as carat size alone does not determine how much value your diamond is. In other words, strongly colored pink diamonds are praised higher in value, even if they are tiny, because their color is rare and scarce and hard to find.
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Your diamonds cut indicates its brilliance. As you may already know there are quite a few cuts to choose from, but currently, the most popular cuts to pick from are: princess cut, marquise and round cuts. The reason they are popular is because they illuminate brilliance. Choosing a pink diamond engagement ring is not challenging when you select from your heart.Getting To The Point – Jewelry