Animal JamHere are three of our favorite moments of the day. Vote to your decide as Saturday’s high Olympic moment.

For instance, most of the retailers’ music cannot be purchased, such as the Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest. Additionally, most of the Adventures music cannot be purchased, resembling Meet Cosmo. There are a number of soundtracks in that Adventure alone, and none of the music has been launched. Another neat thought could be to add your individual music, however AJHQ would never try this attributable to Jammers uploading inappropriate soundtracks.

Sentinel-Each is specifically chosen by the alphas and betas. The alphas and betas prepare the sentinels to take their locations if something should happen to them. They do not normally have authority over the pack unless the alpha or beta have publicly given it to them. They are respected though. Messing with a sentinel is messing with the alphas and betas themselves.

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This sequence is created in hopes to present examples and raise questions which have plagued me for a meditative ten years. There are many issues you possibly can search for for yourself and produce to the table. Some of the topics shall be including occult symbols in the artwork, the astrology charts of the band members, bizarre coincidences, questionable conversations and public appearances.Animal Jam