Home Sale Solution: Ultimate Guide to Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor If you ever sold a property, you know what a major trouble and headache it can be. First of all, you have to deal with finding a reputable and trustworthy real estate agent, make a listing, and then comes the hard work of marketing and finding prospective buyers. You have to stage your home in such a way to impress your prospective buyers visiting your house on a daily basis, by making general cleaning, costly repairs and improving the curb appeal of your home. Most real estate agents could suggest leaving the house when a potential buyer comes to take a look at your property, so you have to look for a place you can spend an hour or so for every showing. When you finally receive an offer, you must haggle to get the best price, set a closing date pay real estate fees, and deal with all kinds of paperwork. And the worse part is you have to wait for at least three months to get one, and others end up a failure. So how can you sell your home as quickly as possible, and get instant cash for it? The answer is selling your property to real estate investor. Though real estate investors offer below housing market value, they buy houses fast, repair them or remodel them for higher profits, and they can pay you instant cash, thus eliminating all your stress and costs associated with a house sale transaction. You don’t have to pay a real estate agent’s commission or pay listing fees, and never will a reputable real estate investor ask you to pay any upfront costs. Never deal with a real estate investor who will ask a small amount of money to make any legal contract or collect EMD or earnest money deposit which they claim it will be held in their company. Most real estate investors pay solid cash for your property, and most will close deals within thirty days. Another benefit of selling your house to a real estate investor is that you don’t have to conduct any repairs, because they buy houses as it is, and sometimes even unseen. Everything is negotiable and workable when dealing with a real estate investor, and the payment method is very flexible, either cash, credit, and some even assuming mortgage and make payments. Real estate investors are not licensed so they aren’t bound by any code of ethics, some are real estate agent, and others are private individuals, corporations or LLC’s buying off the listing properties, remodeling or repairing them to become property rentals or reselling them for a higher value. If you are decided to sell your property to a real estate investor, carefully study all paperwork and never shell out any money to prevent being scammed.What No One Knows About Houses

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