Our Masked Asian Palm Civet (8)

Dogs are energetic, outgoing, loyal, and overtly social. There is no query that they are ‘domesticated’. The dog’s reverse has all the time been the cat; quiet, stealthy, observant, and fastidious.

Luckily there aren’t any brown recluse spiders in California, but there are two other venomous arachnids to be careful for. Some of the preferred cowl scents are nice for humans to odor as nicely. Sage and pine are widespread decisions. Some scents are more offensive, like skunk scent. Most wild cats behave very very like our home cats. They play and they work together with each other, with their people, and with other pets. They hunt, they sleep, and even purr. First time I’ve heard of the Presa Canario. Seems formidable. I’m going to look further into this breed.

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