Banning “Exotic” Pets Is Senseless (12)

You probably may have guessed that it could be illegal (and downright difficult) to keep a dolphin, elephant or cheetah in your NYC residence.

Thank you very a lot for the visit and the comment, Moon Daisy! I really feel the identical means as you. I’d love to get to know a capybara and stroke him or her, however I wouldn’t wish to have one as a pet. I do not have the facilities to take care of a capybara’s needs, and since I already have pets I don’t have the time to take care of a capybara, either.

We’d primarily need to ban our existence. More importantly, this Hub is addressing public safety, and an attack against the owner of the animal just isn’t thought-about to be an attack against a member of the uninvolved public. So not only are boa constrictor incidences pathetically rare (as are incidences with … Read more