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Since 1998, Forest Animal Rescue (formerly often called Peace River Refuge & Ranch) has offered rescued wild animals with the space and peace that they should heal and thrive. They are given the very best in veterinary care, a nutritious diet and playmates of their own sort as applicable. Animals rescued from captive conditions regain confidence as their bodies gain energy, and so they be taught to understand the people who’ve come to their support. As a real sanctuary, the animals we rescue are by no means bred, offered or exploited in any way. They usually are not requested to do anything except be who they are and be taught to thrive under the heat and compassion of our caring employees.

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Chimpanzee (11)

This web page will show you what’s really going on below the Big Top. All cash made from this page shall be donated to charity with the intention to assist end the struggling and abuse of these superb, clever, delicate and thoughtful creatures.

Keep your pets indoors with the air conditioner working and the windows closed or keep a radio on to assist mask out as a lot noise as possible. Also try distracting them: comply with their regular routine, play with them or crate them up till the fireworks are over. Make sure they have present tags and a microchip to ensure their secure return should they bolt out of worry.

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