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Animal Jam Free Safe Membership & Diamond Code Giveaway Generator (6)

Animal JamIt’s been a very very long time since I’ve been on AJ or posted one thing on this blog. If you have observed, some photographs on my blog have been deleted.

You’re in luck this month. As a result of your social butterly or gadfly efforts of late, you will be invited to a picnic sponsored by both the Guardians of the Great Horn and Spoon, or the Knights and Ladies of the Yellow Dog. It would not matter that they weren’t on your listing of who’s who…the fact is that they invited you, so cease complaining. The excellent news is that it’s being held in a seashore home. The bad information is that you it you may probably drop your favorite sandwiches, spill your juice and with luck will be full of flies. Remember, you’re an earth signal, so suck it up and smile!

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