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10 Myths About Exotic Pet Ownership (14)

As an exotic pet proprietor through and through, I am coming ahead to reply this question; a question that is often rhetorical and disdainfully thrown without any anticipation of an actual response. To many, I am justifying my self-inflicted madness and selfishness. I am massaging my ego in desiring to own an exotic animal all while leading my pet down an limitless road of insufferable suffering in captivity. My pets are basically prisoners. They are furred humans with 4 legs that dream incessantly about romping free within the wild paradise that they were ‘meant’ to be in.

Thanks Aya Katz, owning a chimp to me feels like one thing solely a very particular person can undertake with a correct facility. Based on my analysis and your remark it appears like strangers are usually the victims of the prevailing chimp attacks, so that is why one escaping can be a public … Read more

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