Exotic Pets

5 Irrefutable Arguments That Support Exotic Pet Ownership (11)

Have you ever taken a human family member to the native physician, just for this doctor to smile, treat you want a valued customer, then turn around and say that your member of the family has no business residing with you on national television? I’m guessing not. But that is exactly what is happening in the new Nat Geo Wild program, Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER, a present that features the each day life of a veterinarian that solely sees sufferers that are not canine and cats.

It is absurdly straightforward to acquire an exotic pet. More than a thousand Internet websites offer to promote, give care advice, and supply chat rooms where patrons and sellers can haggle over a price. Helping to facilitate the unique pet commerce is the Animal Finders’ Guide, which carries ads from sellers, private events, breeders, ranchers, and zoos providing massive cats, monkeys, and other unique animals for sale.

Like Monkeyland, the favored primate sanctuary next-door, Birds of Eden boasts its personal canopy walk, while shorter than the 128m bridge at Monkeyland, it hangs above the clouds. The choice to develop Birds of Eden stems from the necessity to create a protected atmosphere through which to release a big assortment of free-flight African birds, miniature monkeys and the sanctuary additionally enables fowl owners to use to release their pet birds into the sanctuary, after present process rehabilitation.

I do not understand what goes by way of a person’s thoughts after they have both wild animals or animals they clearly should not hold as pets. I did not think of a few of these, but the threat of illness is often missed by folks. They see a cool, exotic animal and wish it as a pet but they’re solely endangering themselves. Nice hub, very fascinating.

Where to begin? What precisely is dangerous about any of these things!? Keeping a cat in a fish bowl is merciless, not dangerous. Keeping a hamster in a horse steady is stupid, not harmful (you’ll lose that hamster). Feeding rabbit chow to a dog is also stupid, as it would result in malnutrition if fed that in the long run, but it certainly isn’t ‘dangerous’. Training a snake to take a seat? Go ahead and try, they can’t actually sit given they haven’t any legs. But that’s NOT harmful.