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Feeding Tips for Good Cattle

Soil and climatic conditions that do not support to produce forage feed. This may be the case for many farmers who open businesses on infertile lands or in areas where the climate is unsuitable for growing forests. There are occasions among farmers who judge that Planting forage alone is no longer economically viable; They assume that the capital spent during planting, maintenance and harvesting is much more expensive, compared to buying forage from outside.

Breeders do not have feed storage warehouse. For example, breeders can preserve the forage feed by means of fermentation technology, silage or by making hay (drying system). So during the dry season, the breeder will not experience any constraints or difficulties to provide feed to her cattle. But this is not done by farmers with the main reason example have no place or storage warehouse materials adequate.

Breeders have not been able to make their own

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