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I never thought about getting a rat for a pet however since we have now had several pet rats over the years I actually have found that there are positively some issues try to be desirous about getting a pet rat.

I had a dream last night time that 2 rats entered my apt looking for one thing they have been sniffing everywear.I got close to them so I may frighten them so they might go away;nevertheless they have been the one pushing me was a overwhelming feeling. I liked this hub and rats are indeed so clever and make great pets ; I am sharing this one plus fascinating/useful/awesome and up.

Great hub! Rats make fantastic pets for the young advert old alike. There’s just one factor mentioned on this hub that I disagree with and it is not even about rats lol. You said in contrast to hamsters and gerbils rats do not like being along. While hamsters are typically solitary gerbils are best stored in pairs or small teams like rats. Nipper needed to have a special arrange due to well being issues (which I element in a section beneath), however my different mice (Zak and Carl) and my dwarf hamster (Bug) LOVED these habitats. And they’re surprisingly simple to wash! And most rats identical to to play and explore when out of the cage, especially when it’s a new atmosphere.

I even have a small problem with the title: you shouldn’t get a rat, you should get a couple or a couple of rats. Rats are very social and might get fairly lonely and depressed if alone for 23 hours a day. Any cage big enough for 1 rat is big enough for 2, and they’re very cheap to feed. I have to confess I’m fairly tempted to do this Doggie DNA take a look at as a result of I can think of nothing better than following this fellow with another just like him! If I do take the DNA plunge… I’ll let you already know! Until then, I even have to say I’ll put my cash on Rat Terriers!

I actually have a Jack Russell and a Dachshund/Yorkie combine (I call it a Dorkie). They each are nice mousers. My lazy cat loves to watch them catch mice. Rat poisons comprise many dangerous chemical substances, together with strychnine, warfarin, sodium fluroacetate, bromethalin, zinc phosphide, and arsenic. I dreamt of rat final night. The rats are on my neck, they’re small newborn and also black rats I tried to take away them and later they’re throughout my abdomen, they are small and new born rats. I was really scared. Very fascinating. Who knew that dogs might actually catch rats??? Nice hub. My selection, the German Pinscher.

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