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Raise your proper hand if in case you have a garlic crusher rusting in your kitchen drawer. You used it twice, realised you’d get more garlic with much less effort by combing the cat and lobbed the crusher into the drawer the place you retain all those keys, instruction booklets for stuff you no longer own and a photograph of a relative whose name nobody remembers.

It feels like your guinea pigs don’t get along, probably because the 1 12 months outdated is having hassle needing to really feel dominant over the infant. In conditions like these, a child guinea pig can get bitten or scratched, generally with serious penalties. I’d advocate separating them into two separate cages of sufficient size as quickly as doable, and probably reintroducing them slowly in a very controlled, supervised environment. There are directions for introducing guinea pigs to 1 another at this fantastic web site that I used once I tried to get mine to get alongside: there are links there that should enable you to.

Puffer fish have a really nasty sharp beak which he makes use of to crack off bits of coral, tear aside vegetation, and take chunks out of aquarium supplies. The beak is definitely fused front enamel which in nature the puffer uses to crack open mollusks and crustaceans. If your puffer does not have something exhausting to eat every now and again, the teeth will proceed to develop, and eventually they are going to intrude together with your fish’s capability to eat.

Mild irritations above dedicated to the most stupid behaviour I’ve ever seen – placing apart people who drive at 80mph in snow. You’re a businessman, fat, fifty and you’ve got a company Audi, You’re doing 65mph and also you’re having your lunch – left hand is holding a tin of beans on high of the steering wheel, little finger free to steer the automobile, right hand is dipping a fork out and in. You wouldn’t wish to ruin your day by dropping bean juice on your shirt so you focus fiercely on the fork. And clip the kerb.