Tips on How to buy a Fanny Pack

They made a comeback in the early 2010s after disappearing for a while. Today they’re considered a fashion accessory by many. Though many people still see them as bags carried around by tourist, it appears, they’re here to stay for a while. Have a look at these handy tips on buying a fanny pack.

Consider type

It’d be nice to know the different kinds of fanny packs by name. There’s the hydration fanny pack, family fanny pack, travel fanny pack, lumbar fanny pack, etc. For each of these there’s a specific function. If you’re planning a hike, for example, you will find that a lumbar fanny pack has features similar to those of a backpack.

Pick a stylish design

When fanny packs first came out, they were mainly used as functional items. People would use them when hiking, hunting or traveling. Today, they’re seen as fashion accessories. For this reason, go for a stylish design when choosing a fanny pack. You will have to consider a few things like your personal preferences, your wardrobe, and what events/occasions you’re going to use them. Just find the best places to buy fanny packs and you’ll be presented with a plethora of stylish bags.

Check for multiple pockets

A decent fanny pack must have several items to allow for proper storage of items. You may for instance need a compartment for your wallet, another for your digital camera, and another to keep your keys. It would be difficult to retrieve an item if they were all stored in the same compartment. Damage is also possible for some delicate items. Luckily, there are many thoughtful designs that come equipped with both large and small pockets.

Choose the appropriate size

You don’t want a fanny pack that’s too small to fit in your essentials, or too big that you’re tempted to stuff in more than you need. The items you take with you on your travels may be more than what you carry when going shopping. This means you may have get more than one back for different occasions. Also ensure that the belt is adjustable, to allow you to loosen or tighten it at any moment.

Fanny packs can be useful in many situations, though a lot of people believe they’re an old-fashioned accessory. Your objective is not to use to make a fashion statement–but if it is, you need an eye for design to pick something stylish. In some cases, a fanny pack could serve as a worthy replacement for a backpack, which may be so big that it attracts too much attention.
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