As some of the friendly, clear and intelligent varieties of rodents, rats make incredible pets. At Pets at Home we’re enormous followers of these loveable rodents, and inventory an enormous vary of merchandise specifically designed together with your rat’s wants in thoughts.

Rats like any other pet can undergo from illness and a few circumstances can strike no matter how nicely you take care of your rats. Buying your rats from a great source reduces the chances of them affected by some circumstances that end result from inbreeding. Making certain they are housed and fed properly will cut back the possibilities of them contracting some ailments.

I have just got a rat for the first time. She’s 9 weeks old and very pretty, brown with a white arrow formed marking on her stomach. We’ve named her Damsel and couldn’t be happier with her. The age chart is attention-grabbing, the more you handle your rat and conserving them in pairs or teams makes them happier and will also assist them reside longer apparently.

It was easy to mount in the cage with the ladies. I positioned it a bit increased up than I normally would have hung the coop cups, to make entry to the meals bowl a bit more challenging for the ratties, to engage their minds and bodies a bit extra, however not too onerous that they’d not get enough to eat. If they step up onto their Lava Ledge, they will get to it slightly simpler. This encourages them to make use of the Lava Ledge which helps file down their nails a bit.

Hammocks, beds, ladders, etc. can be hooked up to your cage using mini carabiners, shower hooks, sturdy security pins, or maybe robust paper clips (though I have never tried this one). If you use safety pins, be sure to take a look at that they can take your rats’ weight because you don’t want them to pop open and poke your rats. Zap straps (cable ties) work very effectively to attach extra permanent options in your cage, resembling driftwood, and are very low cost. If you want to connect one thing to the bottom of a wood level or roof attempt screwing in small eye hooks (which will be performed by hand) and then latching your carabiner to the hook.

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