Animal Jam

Animal Jam Clans Wiki (10)

Animal JamIf you want one other agent’s attention, utilizing the audie #foghorn. If you need a council member’s attention, use #screamman. Please don’t spam the audies or use them for those who do not need something, you may be kicked.Animal Jam

The 4-way tunnel on the underside right has loops so it can be hung up. The heart is big enough for a rat to sleep on high or inside. What an awesome lens. I will put it in my featured lenses on my Festival of Whales lens. You have definitely enhanced the beauty of the Orca whale with this lens. 5 Orcas and a featured lens widget. Great job JessBraz. I actually have never seen a moose nor examine them but I enjoyed learning what I did here. Thumbs up and shared. There shall be no mercy for many who have not shown mercy to others. But in case you have … Read more