The reply to this question depends on many factors, an important of which is locality. Each nation, state, and city have their very own laws that govern which animals can and can’t be legally possessed as pets.

Regarding your other question, guinea pigs are good at masking sickness so it isn’t always tremendous straightforward to tell if they’re sick. A good strategy to take is to monitor how a lot they’re eating/ingesting, and for those who notice that they refuse to eat or drink or are drinking/eating a lot much less, take them to a vet immediately. Also be sure to schedule regular checkups at an unique vet or vet that treats exotics. Other indicators of illness can include weight loss, blood in urine, diarrhea, incessant scratching, discharge from the nose and eyes, head tilt, limping, and so forth. Hope this helps!

I think there is no one state that’s nice for all exotics. Nevada in all probability suits the invoice one of the best. Others have situations, or statewide haven’t any ban but most counties do (North Carolina). I did one of the best I may, however one should always call directly to search out out this data, as guidelines and laws change just like the wind.

I need to spend all my time caring for my fauna collection. I think I have a proper to exist, and my hobbies, which are actually a lifestyle, mark my existence as do different individuals who define their very own existence with where they went to highschool, where they’ve traveled, how comfortable they are, who they’re courting, kids and different forms of reproduction-oriented activities, ect. Typical look-at-me postings that are common on Facebook.

I’m unsure if that is making sense, however my level is that I would not need to write about the reasons that somebody should or should not wish to receive a Tokay Gecko, but I can appropriately write about the causes that Leopard Geckos make good pets and the risks related to ownership (such as utilizing the wrong substrate in their enclosures).