Wild Animals

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Yes! Cougars will be kept as pets in the United States, however there are specific legalities that must first be thought of.

Shiela, what an incredible, though unhappy hub! I actually have at all times been fascinated by wildcats. This might be why I’m a cat lover and like them to canine (I have three cats). It is so sad to see what is happening to this majectic animal. They are being hunted for pure sport and monetary gain. Not one in all these videos talked about looking them for food.

Primates include monkeys, lesser and great apes (gibbons, chimpanzees), and prosimians (lemurs, bush babies, tarsiers, gradual loris). Most states have bans on this complete group of animals, with smaller species not being excluded. Primate owners typically undergo a nightmare existence with the legal guidelines regarding non-human primates. Check your legal guidelines extensively (in addition to the highly specialised care of these animals) earlier than contemplating a primate.

Adult male giraffes can generally be seen preventing, swinging their necks and intercurling them, and hitting their heads collectively. The sound of these blows could be heard for almost a mile! Some bulls have even been knocked unconscious in these battles for supremacy. This combating, or necking normally occurs between young bulls when a new male arrives in the space.

in reply to elena bottici-slosmanis I understand your response. But please be aware that there are people in China who’re towards this torture and killing of animals. Some of the pictures I present right here confirm that. There are far fewer than in different countries, however not all Chinese can be lumped collectively. I consider that financial sanctions and shaming the government for not outlawing and punishing these practices is the only recourse now we have. Those and educating the Chinese folks – which is tough with the government’s management of training and the Internet.