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Wild Mustangs (7)

We Americans love our pets. According to the Humane Society, Americans personal greater than one hundred thirty five million cats and dogs. Still, it estimates 6-eight million of them find yourself in animal shelters annually.

In the sphere of cryptozoology , researchers study rare animals that are not yet proven to exist by modern science. But there is another a part of this analysis that includes animals we all know once roamed our planet, however we now consider to be extinct. When contemplating a report of an odd creature, cryptozoologists should weigh the proof and determine if it is a new animal, or maybe a relic from the previous that has nonetheless managed to survive.

I saw the bears along the highway in India. Sickened by what I noticed, it reinforces how cruel we’re. The hopelessness I felt driving by these animals and all the many hundreds of different species abused, murdered, starved and mamed should make us all act not directly to assist these animals in dire want. Elephants, chimps, gorillas and many others are suffering. We must care.

I by no means got to look at any of this years Shark Week but I agree with Jalapeno10! The academic channels should be more centered on facts versus making these fake documentaries. Like many people I watched the Mermaid documentary. I was shocked to by what appeared to very compelling evidence of the existence of mermaids. At the of the show all I could do was snicker when I read in the credit that it was faux. What is actually humorous I still meet folks the nonetheless believe that it was actual.

These very same arguments have been used to justify a variety of appalling atrocities in the past – the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews, for example, and medical experimentation on prisoners and the disabled. In ancient societies, it justified human sacrifice as appeasement to the gods. It’s been used to justify wars, and ‘collateral hurt’ to civilians attributable to invading forces. It’s used to justify unlawful actions similar to assortment of tainted proof to convict a recognized criminal.

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