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Stopping Animal Cruelty (9)

Mum and I had been browsing across the Internet the other day and found out some information about canines that we did not know!

He is an Ogu who likes some refreshing water on his altar. He is very near his brother Legba, and likes to be served alongside him. He likes flowers, toys, something sea-themed. He loves offerings of anything tropical, or any sweet drink. He likes espresso. Toys could include sailboats or naval warships. I’ve found he’s fond of blue, or naval uniforms.

Here you may be a part of the continued debate on which bear is bigger, the Polar Bear, or Kodiak Bear. Please notice, we are not debating here whether or not or not these should be classed as land carnivores, although you might be welcome so as to add that to your comment, simply please answer which you think deserves the #1 spot within the … Read more

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