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Stats On Exotic Pets (Infographic) (10)

Throughout my time arguing in protection of exotic pet ownership and zoos, it is rather common for my opponents to level to something they’ve seen on some news story to back up their claims that a certain animal have to be harmful, roaming the wilds invasively, or often abused.

Scurvy’s not only for pirates anymore! We’ve established that guinea pigs love fruits and veggies. This is an excellent thing because guinea pigs, like humans, are one of the few species of animal whose bodies aren’t capable of generate Vitamin C. If guinea pigs do not get sufficient in their diets, they’ll contract a situation known as scurvy. This can make a guinea pig very sick and even die, so it is necessary to get at least 10mg of Vitamin C into their programs each day.

Coatimundi are a member of the raccoon family, sharing the ringed tail and the inquisitive … Read more

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