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What Is 911 Animal Abuse.com? (11)

Discovery Communications has partnered with South Mountain Creamery and other organizations to current Animal Planet L!VE, a 24/7 reside animal expertise. South Mountain Creamery is so comfortable to share our chicks and calves with the world by !

a while in the past i learn that a certain turtle was considered to be a delicacy to the Chinese, and it was being caught and shipped over by the hundreds. the turtle would quickly be extinct. one man determined to begin breeding these turtles on a farm, and promoting them to the Chinese. many people were outraged at this, they by no means realized that what the man was doing was defending the wild turtles and permitting them to multiply once more. the Chinese weren’t going to stop consuming the turtle until it now not existed, so what he did was provide what they needed without depleting the wild specimens. caging …

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