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Build A Rat Playpen (3)

Domesticated rats are a pretty disputed subject. Few individuals are on the fence; you both love rats or you do not. The humorous thing is, the rat hater’s reasons have been debunked over and over (they’re diseased, filthy, gross – all false), or that their tails are hideous (rat tails are actually functional for them in stability and temperature-control.) And I discover them cute.

It was utterly my fault, not the snake’s, and I immediately went out and purchased him a couple of rats for dinner. He seemed much happier after consuming, especially with the heat turned as much as help him digest the meal. It is true that the mouse itself does usually make squeaking noises, however most of them are much too excessive-pitched for the human ear to select up on. We only hear an odd squeak sometimes, and the squeaking we hear is, the truth is, a …

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