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Pet Shop Boys Tickets, Tour Dates 2016 & Concerts Songkick (5)

Normally when people resolve they need a pet turtle, they do not seize a internet, go to their local pond and wait to catch one. No, most people who determine they need a turtle as a pet go to the pet-store. Catching a turtle within the wild is often a fisherman’s mistake or an off-likelihood of a civilian who comes across one and decides to nab it. Word of warning: by no means take a turtle when it is touring on land; they’re females needing to bury their eggs at an exact location.

This page is stuffed with misinformation and it makes me actually upset that you do not think about the welfare of all these animals when they are kept as pets and the influence an internet site like this can have. Red-eared Sliders live all over Louisiana in permanent swamps and ponds, oxbow lakes, slow shifting rivers and …

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