10 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

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Pets are probably the best source of happiness and entertainment during our hectic lives, but without the best vacuums for pet hair, it’s impossible to clean up their messes. If you have an extra fluffy pup, their hair may occasionally annoy you. Standard vacuum cleaners might do a decent job cleaning up after them, but vacuums designed specifically for cleaning pet hair are always better options.

Pet cleaning vacuums differ because they have added bristles and filters that allow them to handle fur and dander efficiently. The market is full of options, so if you’re looking for one, you need to determine your priorities to find the ideal product.

Corgi pet hair getting brushed

This post will inform you about the factors to consider when purchasing a vacuum for dog parents. Then, it will present a list of the best vacuums for pet hair to ensure that you select yours from the market’s best.

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

1. iRobot Roomba i3 EVO

iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vacuum

The first item on the list is the iRobot Roomba i3 robot vacuum cleaner. This vacuum has a simple design and easy operation. It does an excellent job removing pet hair without you needing to push a bulky vacuum. It ranks first among the best vacuums for pet hair because of its suction force. Plus, this vacuum ensures that no hair traces are left on your carpet or floor once it’s done.

The iRobot vacuum has an excellent navigation system that can be operated via the iRobot mobile app. You can direct it to clean specific rooms at certain times. The brushes clean effectively and don’t become tangled easily. The vacuum’s debris bag is large enough that it only needs to be emptied once a month.


  • Accurate suction power
  • Excellent navigation control
  • Easy to use
  • Offers hands-free vacuuming


  • Detection of obstacles isn’t always reliable

    2. Kenmore KC4026 Pet Vacuum

    Blue pet hair vacuum

    The Kenmore BC4026 pet vacuum does an excellent job of removing pet hair, allergen-inducing dust, and bothersome crumbs. This small device can be used on many flooring surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, and carpet. So, no matter where your dog travels, the hair can be cleaned out of every nook and cranny.

    A motorized pet power mate attachment effectively removes hair, dander, and other stubborn particles from carpeting, baseboards, and furniture. This reduces the likelihood of you coughing or sneezing while keeping the house clean. Floors can be cleaned rather quickly with the help of the floor brush stored in the box on the front of the vacuum.


    • Effective cleaning on any surface type
    • Several tools for best results
    • Cleans hard-to-reach areas


      3. Dyson Outsize Pet Hair Vacuum

      Dyson Cordless Pet Vacuum

      With the Dyson Outsize, vacuuming at home is no longer a tedious chore. The new model features the most recent technology from Dyson and claims to be able to clean up large messes in expansive homes. This vacuum has been tested in homes that are dusty, hairy, and crowded, and it had amazing results in each environment.

      The teeth on the cleaner heads are designed to prevent tangles, allowing them to easily scoop up pet hair. This vacuum can run on all floor types, and it has much better suction than the average cordless vacuum. It has a full-size dustbin, and it can run for up to 120 minutes for deep cleaning the whole house.


      • Huge dustbin
      • High suction power
      • Can be handled easily
      • Works on all floor types
      • Long battery life


      • Suction power can be harsh for delicate rugs 
      • The top is heavy

      4. Shark AZ3002 Stratos Upright Vacuum

      Shark Upright Vacuum

      The Shark Stratos Upright Vacuum has powerful suction, HEPA filtration, and tangle-free brushes. The suction power is good enough to suck the dirt, dust, and pet hair out of every kind of surface. This device could be a miracle for you if you have a pet with long hair. With the added features of odor neutralization and several attachments, this vacuum is one of the best and most versatile vacuums for pet hair. 

      This unique vacuum comes with a “Lift-Away” cleaning mode that allows easy cleaning of difficult areas like stairs, room corners, and furniture. LED lights on the brush roll allow you to spot the dirt and hair on dark or dim corners of your house, ensuring a more detailed clean. 


      • Can be maneuvered easily
      • Amazing suction power
      • Odor-neutralizing
      • LED lights


      • Enormous in size
      • Tiny dust bin

      5. Tineco Pure ONE S11

      White vacuum with add-ons

      Tineco pure vacuum is one of the best choices for a pet hair vacuum if you are looking for a product that’s a good value for the money. It comes with a regular vacuum and a smaller handheld version. This vacuum specializes in cleaning pet hair out of both hardwood flooring and fluffy carpet, so it’s versatile.

      One of the best features of this vacuum is its dust and dirt sensor because it automatically detects the amount of dust on the passing surface and increases or decreases the sucking power accordingly. Even though the vacuum performs decently on every floor type, it’s best for bare floors. If it’s used with the soft roller head, it handles the hair of your pet pretty well. Also, the maintenance of the vacuum is straightforward. 


      • Floor vacuum and handheld
      • Adjusts sucking power as needed
      • Versatile and easy to use
      • Low recurring costs


      • Fragile
      • Short battery life

      6. BISSELL 24613 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus

      Bissell Upright Vacuum

      Bissell is a popular brand when it comes to pet hair vacuum cleaners. Several models in the past have made their names in the market due to their performance and public reviews. This model also impressed testers with the overall value it could provide. The Bissell pet hair eraser turbo has amazing suction power to ensure thorough cleaning of your house surfaces. 

      It’s very easy to use, but one of the best features is its dust cup, which is mess-free, easy to empty, and has a hair spool inside to collect all the dog hair. The hair spool keeps the vacuum brushes from getting clogged and allows efficient operation. So, this could be a great choice for anyone living with a dog, cat, or other hairy pet. 


      • Fully sealed to reduce allergic reactions
      • The dust cup can be emptied hands-free
      • Lengthy hose pipe cleans hard-to-reach spots
      • Pet hair won’t clog it


      7. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

      Dyson vacuum with pet hair attachments

      Once you see a vacuum cleaner with the word pet or animal in its name, it can be assumed that it is suitable for hair. Dyson V8 Animal is a vacuum cleaner with the specialty of removing pet hair from your home. It’s a sleek vacuum that comes with four extra tools and can easily be converted into a hand vacuum. No matter what type of flooring it’s used on, whether hardwood, carpet, or rug, it performs amazingly well. 

      One of the most amazing facts about this vacuum is that it’s cordless and lightweight, making it overall easy to use. The sucking power is reasonably robust and efficient for the purpose. The battery capacity is decent, too, making it great for deep cleaning the whole house. 


      • Only five pounds
      • Powerful suction
      • Floor vacuum and handheld vacuum
      • Decent battery life


      • The battery might not be enough for large houses
      • Lots of storage is required for tools

        8. BLACK + DECKER Furbuster Handheld Vacuum

        Handheld pet hair vacuum

        This vacuum cleaner is for anyone who already has a vacuum cleaner and only needs one for pet hair. It’s a handheld vacuum only, so you must bend over and crouch to use it. The vacuum is highly economical and does a fantastic job of cleaning pet hair. Since it’s small, it can clean hard-to-reach areas with ease.

        Not only is its brush roll impressive, but the suction power of this miniature vacuum cleaner is also excellent. It has been tested to pick up heavy debris from tougher surfaces like rugs and carpets. So, if you have a low budget or need a vacuum only for cleaning pet hair, this is one of the best vacuums you can get. 


        • Powerful suction
        • Easily cleans hard-to-reach spaces
        • Highly economical
        • Easy to store


        • For handheld users only
        • Short battery life

        9. Miele Complete C3

        Yellow pet hair vacuum

        Miele Complete is another excellent canister vacuum in the market with a specialty in cleaning tight clumps of pet hair off the floor. It has a fantastic design, performs exceptionally well, and has almost everything you expect from the average pet hair vacuum cleaner. The long hose helps you reach every crevice of your home when cleaning.

        The HEPA filtration system works wonders by cleaning up to 99.999% of particles from your floors. There are seven different power adaptation modes to help you easily control the vacuum. It’s powerful while still being quiet. Overall, it’s a completely economical pet vacuum cleaner. 


        • Excellent filtration system
        • High-quality build
        • Easy to maintain
        • Quiet


        10. Kenmore Floor Care Upright Bagged Vacuum

        Kenmore Elite Floor Vacuum

        The Kenmore Floor Care upright vacuum is another great option for pet parents. It cleans the carpets amazingly well and removes every kind of dirt and hair effectively. It’s a good choice for people looking for a traditional vacuum cleaner with powerful carpet-cleaning skills. However, if you have a lot of complex corners in your home, it may be difficult for the vacuum to reach them.

        It has been tested on several house surfaces like carpets, hardwood floors, and rugs, and it has been tested on various things to clean, like rice, light debris, pet hair, and light dust. In all areas, the vacuum performed beyond expectations. Using the vacuum is also easy, especially since the noise levels are low and it changes its suction power depending on the floor and debris present.


        • Effective filtration system
        • Easy Usage
        • Quick shift of suction power
        • Works on a variety of surfaces


        • Difficult to clean crevices

        Complete Guide to Buying a Pet Vacuum Cleaner

        Now that we have discussed the best vacuums for pet hair on the market, let’s look at the features that make them the best. This will allow you to prioritize your needs and buy one with most or all of your desired features.

        Bagged or Bagless?

        This feature can make a huge difference if you’re allergic to dust or pet hair. When you’re emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner, dust is likely to accumulate in the environment, and it might make you sick. Bagged vacuum cleaners have bags that need to be changed after a specific period. Choose what suits your needs, as this does not affect the performance.

        Suction Power

        Suction power is the main element when buying a pet vacuum. Make sure you buy a strong cleaner if your house is fully carpeted or has thick rugs. Maximum suction power is also ideal if your pets leave a lot of hair on the floor. If it’s not strong enough in those situations, you might not get the best results. However, lower suction powers may work fine if you have a low-shedding pet. 

        Pet Brushes and Attachments

        Not all vacuums come with accessories and attachments. Some households might need dust brush tools, pet grooming tools, turbo nozzles, or other unique parts. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make sure you buy a vacuum that comes with those items. However, extra add-ons can often make the product more costly. So, if you already have all the extras, there’s no need to buy a vacuum with all the bells and whistles.


        Quality filters like HEPA can be great additions to your pet vacuum, especially if you have allergies. HEPA sucks the dander and odors out of your carpets and pets to help you breathe easier.

        Vacuuming pet hair on rug


        Is Dyson or Bissell better for pet hair?

        Dyson Outsize Pet Hair Vacuum is better than the BISSELL 24613. Dyson offers a greater operating range, is easier to maintain, and has virtually no ongoing maintenance expenses. It performs well on different surfaces and comes with a tool for grooming pets.

        Which vacuum is best for pet hair on hardwood floors?

        Pet vacuums usually have a higher suction power and several additional tools that allow for better cleaning of your house’s difficult-to-reach areas. The higher the power, the more effective it will be at removing dust and hair from any surface. Per buyers’ reviews, Dyson Outsize vacuum and iRobot Roomba have performed best on hardwood floors. 

        What is the difference between a pet vacuum and a regular vacuum?

        Pet vacuums are more powerful, and tools like roll-on brushes come with them. This is because pet hair sticks to your floors, especially carpets and rugs. Higher suction power on pet vacuums allows hair and other dirt to be removed easily. Regular vacuums usually do not have any added tools and have a relatively lower suction power. 

        How often should you vacuum your house if you have pets?

        Pet owners should clean their carpets and floors about twice a week to get rid of all the pet hair, dander, and dirt. Yet, it depends on the frequency of your pet’s shedding. Carpets can also be shampooed once in a while to increase overall hygiene. 

        Sad dog getting brushed


        Hopefully, this article helped you settle on the best vacuum for pet hair. Each mentioned product has been tested and has received high reviews from the public, so any will be an excellent choice. However, choosing which features you value most in a new pet vacuum is up to you.

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