Animal Planet’s Fake Documentaries Misrepresent Ocean Life. (10)

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There’s a life lesson to study from this creature of the wild: with loopy courage in your side, you’ll be able to take on any species of any dimension. Learn from what many regard as probably the most fearless species on earth: the Honey Badger. The video exhibits the amazing animal taking on lethal animals. animal planet, thanks for doing this particular story and making the public AWARE of what TICKS CAN DO and rob us of our high quality of life.

I suppose that television is increasingly becoming an leisure medium. The information will not be information. The news is political and social entertainment. Documentary television just isn’t documentary tv. Documentary tv is historic and scientific leisure-most of which is very fictionalized and speculative at finest. Animal lovers, do not miss this hilariously funny Roku channel and enjoy the cute antics of all types of animals.

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