Animal Spirits & Totems (7)

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I used food-grade DE for intestinal parasites for a foster canine but it surely didn’t work. I waited and waited to see the useless worms in the stool however nothing. I needed to purchase the regular dewormer, and right after, a poop filled with dead worms confirmed up. I think it works higher topically for fleas. It’s my understanding that when moist, DE would not work nicely, so maybe with the canine’s digestive juices and all, because of this it didn’t work.

Why do anti-privately owned captive animal sites comparable to this one perpetually refuse to listing comparisons with the numbers of injuries and fatalities attributable to domesticated pets? Because the exotic pet incidences can be dwarfed, and readers would have enough intelligence to determine that the purpose of the article is ridiculous and invalid.

Very astute, in the garden of eden, before man came along, God had all the wildlife present. Why would a loving and merciful God not care about His most harmless creatures, creatures that have never disenchanted Him or turned their backs on their creator like humans have now and again. I imagine God can do all so it will by no means be crowded.

The spider within the window is extra hardy. I watch it each time I enter the toilet – first cautiously, then curiously. It rarely strays from the darkish gap above the sliding window through which it lives. It stays inside the perimeter of its messy internet, though not on the internet: it lurks beneath the floor of the net like a shark beneath waves. I marvel at its species. From the flotsam and jetsam of my thoughts, from the tide of information, a reputation surfaces: Window Spider. I type it into Google: Badumna insignis. Native to Australia. Common in urban areas. More commonly known as the Black House Spider.