Benefits If You Keep An Animal

Benefits cats may be for some people do not care about this, especially for those who are very much afraid as the name cat, but if you know there are a lot of benefits keep the cat in the house. In addition to bringing the benefits that many cats are also a veterinarian who is from antiquity into an animal highly preferred by many people, even The Messenger Of God himself a shame as the name of cats, to the extent that one day he willingly fabrics that often he used to prayer mat used by cats to sleep while he was praying without fabric or now known by fabric prayer, how noble in the eyes of the Prophet feline beast. These are some of the benefits when having a cat:

You are currently entertaining Sad

Losing a loved one is painful, but the best way around that is to have a pet. Cats have been shown to help people who are feeling lost, to recover more quickly, and showed a reduction in physical symptoms, such as crying. Despite the fact that they are just animals, cats can be useful as a conduit of social support during difficult times. Mourners could speak with their pets to release their feelings, because it is often easier to talk to something that will not respond and does not judge, rather than to others.

Makes You Smart

A study of British pet owners found that people who have cats lovers tend to be more intelligent than the other animals. In terms of both IQ and overall level of education, that people who have a cat, has intelligence above average. It is not because the cat itself makes you smarter, but the researchers linked the results of studies that intelligent people tend to work longer, and because the cat needs attention too much compared to other pets, the cat becomes a better option for intellectual busy.

Reflection of your personality

Having a cat to tell people a lot about your personality. Cat owners quieter and more introverted. And they have a very high value on how they are a trustworthy person. Cat owners also manipulative and simpler. If you have a cat, thank and hug them and could also take some photos of their gorgeous.

Environmentally friendly

If you are worried about the carbon footprint (carbon footprint), then it is better to have a cat. Cat-generally eat less than other pets, and more likely to eat something natural like fish.

Faster Getting dating

If you’re a single man and you can not get a mate, get a cat! A poll in Britain found 82 percent of women agree that they are more attracted to men who love animals. And 90 percent of single women said that men who have a cat, “better” than others. It seems that the woman gets the stereotype that cat owners are more sensitive and thoughtful, so enter the information that you have a cat in your profile list during a search partner, will make you get a lot of feedback was amazing. But remember, a cat is a pet forever, not just until you find a mate.

Improve Heart Health

Having a pet is very good for your heart. Especially cats, can lower your stress level. Stroking a cat has a positive calming effect. One study in a period of over ten years found that owners of cats who died of a heart attack or stroke was  lower than non-cat owners.


It turns out cats can good friends with the owner, especially for women. A Swiss study in 2003 found that having a cat in the house, the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner. Research has shown that cats will remember the kindness that was given to them, and will return the favor. But cats really have a strong influence in this relationship. After thousands of years in around houses, cats have learned how to make a half-snoring or half din that sounds very much like a human baby cries. And because our brains are programmed to respond to pressure our children, it is almost impossible to ignore what cats want when they use it behave like that.