Cat Lovers Should Know, These 3 Types of Diseases Are Most Often Suffered by Meow

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Keeping a cat doesn’t just mean you can play to your heart’s content with him. As responsible carers, we must also take good care of their health. Just like humans, your pet cat can get sick too, you know. Just in case, there is nothing wrong with reading the 3 types of diseases most often experienced by cats:

1. Worms

Whatever type of cat breed that you keep does not guarantee that it will be free from this one disease. Tapeworms and hookworms are the two types of worms that most often affect the health of the pu. If your cat is stubbornly gaining weight or there are white spots in the litter, it could be worms, girls.

2. Hairballs

The habit of cats licking their bodies can actually have a negative impact on their health, you know. Yup, the hairs that can get licked into the stomach and cause hair-like clumps that interfere with digestion. Note that if your cat is always coughing and wants to vomit, it may be that he is trying to get the hair clumps out of his stomach.

3. Urinary tract infection

If your cat is suddenly reluctant to go to the place where he used to relieve himself, or his pee smells strong and different than usual, he could be suffering from this disease. Although male cats suffer more, there are female cats who experience this disease, you know. If you feel your cat is showing the symptoms above, immediately take your cat to the vet for treatment, yes.

Healthy cats certainly make their keepers happy. For that, don’t ever forget to take care of your cat’s health, huh? You can start with routine check-ups at the vet.