Giant Polar Bear Dog Goes To Pieces When She Sees Her Grandma

Dogs and their grandmas share a special bond. Unlike the relationship between pups and their parents, doggy-grandma unions are free from the burdens of training, vet visits, and discipline. Mutt memaws have the luxury of avoiding all the negatives and focusing on spoiling their grandpups rotten.

Cali the big white pooch is the star of the TikTok account, @CaliPolarBearCom, alongside her adopted sister, Mama Bear. The dogs recently enjoyed a visit from their own beloved grandma, who drove 13 hours just to visit them for Thanksgiving.

Cali and grandma’s reactions to seeing one another will warm your heart.


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The short clip shows Cali excitedly hopping about on the sofa with a large grin on her face. Her tail wags joyously as she nudges grandma, then lays down on her belly for full-body scritches.

Next, we see Cali snuggled under a white blanket at grandma’s side. Her eyes are open as she appears to contentedly enjoy the family conversation around her.

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Cali’s mom, the content creator on the account, notes that grandma is Cali’s “favorite hooman from AL.”

“She just lay[sic] down beside her and wants to play with her all the time. So precious!!”

The very next video posted to the account shows Cali’s sister, Mama Bear, getting in on the grandma love-fest. The caption reads, “When you were a stray dog before. Found a furever home and meeting your grandma for the very first time[sic].”

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These two are very lucky pups to have such a wonderful grandma to share their love with!