Heartwarming Video Shows Unexpected Animals Asking Humans For Help

It can be hard to ask for help, but between humans, it’s easy to understand what someone else needs by talking about it. However, animals aren’t able to ask for help as directly, no matter how much they want to. When an animal seeks assistance from humans, it’s a heartwarming experience, but it takes some time to understand what that creature is trying to say.

In an adorable video from Inside Edition, five animals ask for help in unique ways. Some of them ended up saving lives by doing so. In some cases, it was their own life, but other times, they put another’s safety first.

Elephant Suffers From Bullet Wound

Elephant approaching humans

In 2016, an elephant in Zimbabwe known as “Pretty Boy” was in so much pain that he approached humans to beg for help. He was shot in the head, and the bullet was lodged in the poor animal’s skull. The bullet was only centimeters away from killing him instantly.

Doctors examined Pretty Boy and then did surgery to remove the bullet. If the elephant hadn’t asked for help, he might not have survived that heartbreaking situation.

Dog Responds to Seizure

Woman walking hero dog

Since dogs are closely bonded with humans, they’re the most likely to ask for help. The Inside Edition video showcased a smart dog named Clover who witnessed her human having a seizure while going for a walk in 2021.

At first, Clover tried to wake her human up, but when that didn’t work, the pup walked into the road to flag down the next car approaching. The driver stopped his car and got out to see what the commotion was all about. When he saw the woman’s limp body on the side of the road, he called for help.

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“All I remember is waking up in the ambulance and being very confused,” Clover’s human, Haley Moore, said.

A neighbor’s surveillance footage picked up Clover’s actions, proving how loyal and intelligent the pup is.

Coyote Approaches Golfers

Coyote close to golfers

When two people were golfing in 2017, a coyote approached them, looking distressed. Coyotes usually avoid humans at all costs, so they knew something was wrong with him.

The coyote seemed hungry and thirsty. The golfers didn’t have food available, but they were able to offer the canine a cup of water, which the coyote gladly drank from. After he quenched his thirst, the coyote hung around for about ten minutes, but then moved on. The golfers were shocked because they’d never been that close to a coyote before.

Mama Goose Sees Her Gosling in Distress

Officer saving baby goose

In 2016, an officer saw a goose behaving strangely, so he tried offering her food. She declined and led him toward her gosling, who was tangled in rope. The officer called the ASPCA for help, but they couldn’t come to the scene right away. So, a fellow officer came to help free the gosling.

The mom goose honked a few times but didn’t disrupt the officer as she removed the ropes from the baby’s body. Once she set the baby goose down, the gosling sprinted back toward the water with the mother goose following close behind.

Bird Repeatedly Says, “Help Me!”

Parrot cuddling with woman

Not all the stories were about a tragic situation. In one involving a parrot, the ending was comedic rather than emotional. When a UPS driver approached a home in 2017, he heard a voice inside saying “help me” over and over again. So, the delivery driver asked his wife to call for help.

When police went to check on the house in question, they met a lady and her parrot. The parrot had been the one calling for help, and his mom explained that he often does that when left alone. He loves attention, so he calls for help when he’s lonely and craving affection. He doesn’t realize he’s worrying people for no reason because to him, it’s a very serious matter.

These are just five of the many instances where animals turned to humans for help. Animals are a lot better at problem solving than we give them credit for.

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